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This is going to be a very personal write-up. I don't even know where to start from, so many things happened since I lat started my old website in 2014 HornyLily.com, good, bad, worse memories! Anyway, thanks for showing an interest in reading my bio I guess I might have raised some type of curiosity in you? Either way. I am pleased! I was born to my Indian parents on 25th April, 1991 in India. YES! I am a Taurus I had a very strict Indian upbringing, part of why I was so rebellious. I have always visited India quite frequently through my childhood, thus my native-language skills are pretty OK! I completed my college in 2012 in Mumbai, but always knew there was something a miss. I eventually started realizing I din't like working 9-5 jobs or under someone's supervision for that matter. I always knew I wanted to start something of my own. I ALWAYS was very business minded and very creative, I could care less about career. I started looking up businesses that are do-able at the same time is fun. I found porn.

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